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Discover Montsoreau, Anjou and Saumur from campsite l’Isle Verte

Campsite l’Isle Verte is situated on the banks of the Loire river, at the entrance of the lovely village of Montsoreau. Montsoreau is a village classified amongst the most beautiful villages of France with its white stone houses and its somptuous castle, reflecting in the Loire river. This castle now hosts a museum of contemporary art worth a visit for art lovers.  In Montsoreau, and Candes, its neighbour village, you’ll discover architecture treasures such as the chruch of Saint Martin and plenty of troglodytes houses digged in the hill. Above Montsoreau and all the way to Saumur, you’ll see vineyards where the grapes for Saumur wines are grown. These vineyards make lovely landscapes, ideal for a bicycle ride. You can also choose to ride your bike by the Loire river, following the cycling path “La Loire à Vélo”.  Between Montsoreau and Saumur, you’ll find wine domains where you can stop to have a wine tasting and visit troglodytes caves where the wine is getting older. In Saumur, you can not miss the castle, overlooking at the Loire Valley and the beautiful city of Saumur. There are museums to be visited in Saumur such as the tanks museum. But, over all, in Saumur you’ll have to visit the national horse riding school of Saumur, the famous “Cadre Noir”. To visit Saumur in a different way, you can choose to do the “Saumur en 40” visit. Aboard a truck of tha army from the 40s, you’ll be told the story of the “Cadet de Saumur”, students of the military school that resisted several days against German invasion.


Fontevraud Abbey

Just a few miles away from Montsoreau and Campsite l’Isle Verte, you shouldn’t miss the visit of the Fontevraud Abbey. Built during the 12th century, this is the biggest monastic place in Europe still in shape. In this Plantagenêt family necropolis lie the queen Alienor d’Aquitaine but also king Richard Lionsheart. Read More about Fontevraud Abbey.

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