If you are used to coming to meet us on the tourist shows or caravan, you probably know the VEUVE AMIOT. It has been our partner for years. It is this delicious sparkling wine that we make you taste on the stand of Campsites C’est si Bon. During your stays at the Ilse Verte campsite in Montsoreau, you will also have the opportunity to taste the sparkling wines of the Veuve Amiot. Whether you prefer white, rosé or even red.

During your stay in CAMPING IN THE VAL OF LOIRE, we advise you to visit the cellars of the Veuve Amiot and discover the secrets of the production of these wines of Saumur.

The history of the Veuve Amiot

Veuve Amiot was founded in Saumur in 1884. Mrs. Elisabeth Amiot, widow of Armand Amiot, a winemaker and wine merchant who died in 1882, wanted to produce the best sparkling wines in the Saumur region. And export the fine Loire bubbles all over the world. Under his leadership, the House of Veuve Amiot quickly developed. His children and grandchildren continued his work.

Visit the cellars and wine tastings

All Veuve Amiot bottles are produced at the Saumur site in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent. And it’s not nothing! The company produces 3700,000 bottles every year. The appellations are A.O.P Saumur Brut and A.O.P Crémant de Loire.

The cellars were dug in the 12th century to extract the tuffeau. There are approximately 1,500 kilometres of such a gallery in the Saumur area. The Veuve Amiot house has 5 kilometres of galleries that allow the wine to be stored in perfect conditions as it ages. This is necessary because, depending on the period, storage can reach 5 million bottles. During your visit to the cellars, you will discover some of these galleries as well as the spectacular extraction sumps that serve as natural ventilation. You will also go through the various stages of production in operation so that Veuve Amiot wines no longer have secrets for you.

Visits to the cellars of the Veuve Amiot house in Saumur are free. It takes place in several stages: a video presentation, a guided tour of about 30 minutes and then a tasting of the different wines. For more information, don’t hesitate to come and check out the campsite reception. We will give you all the details about visiting the Veuve Amiot cellars.