Have you ever heard of the “Cadets de Saumur” ?

We are in 1940 and Marechal Pétain hasjust signed an armistice with Germans. At the military Horse Riding School, the colonel Michon doesn’t accept this peace and wants to carry on the fight against German Army. With his students, young trainee soldiers, the “Cadets”, he is going to fight the German army in Saumur and along the Loire on 35 kilometers. Even if they were 2000 against 20.000, they stop the German army for 3 days and cause a lot of damages.

This is the unknown par of the WWII History that Christophe Rondeau is going to tell you during his “Saumur en 40” visits. Onboard his lod military truck from these times, he’ll drive you to the main places of the fight and tell you all you want to know about the Cadets.

“Saumur en 40” tours can be organised from the campsites l’Isle Verte, don’t hesitate to ask us for more informations.